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The string bass (also called the upright bass, double bass, or stand-up bass) and its recent relative, the electric bass guitar, provide the rhythmic and harmonic foundation for much Appalachian music. Continue Reading »
Muscle Shoals
The small city of Muscle Shoals sits near the bank of the Tennessee River in northwestern Alabama, adjacent to three other cities: Florence, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia. Continue Reading »
Sam Phillips
Record producer and music promoter. Continue Reading »
Rhythm and Blues
A dance-oriented African American music, rhythm and blues emerged in the mid-1940s as a major genre within American popular music. Continue Reading »
Rock Music
Rock music, an international cultural phenomenon involving numerous subgenres of music, can trace some of its roots to the geographic and cultural environs of Appalachia’s southern margins, where black and white musical traditions flourished. Continue Reading »