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African American Influences
African American musical tradition has all influenced all American music, including that of Appalachia. Continue Reading »
Clarence “Tom” Ashley
Banjo player and early country singer. Continue Reading »
A four- or five-string instrument with a head of hide or plastic stretched over a gourd sound box or a circular wooden rim, the banjo evolved in America from a related family of variously named instruments—banjar, bandora, banza— brought from Africa by slaves. Continue Reading »
Celtic Influences
The traditions of the Celtic peoples together constitute the single most dynamic ethnic influence on Appalachian music. Continue Reading »
Fred Cockerham
Traditional banjo player and fiddler. Continue Reading »
Kyle Creed
Banjo player, fiddler, and instrument maker. Continue Reading »
Tommy Jarrell
Traditional fiddler, banjo player, and singer. Continue Reading »
Hobart Smith
Traditional singer, banjo player, fiddler, guitarist, and pianist. Continue Reading »