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Many American singers in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries found the autoharp, a modification of the zither, to be an easy-to-use accompaniment instrument. Continue Reading »
Classical Composers
In the late nineteenth century, classical music composers initiated a movement (based on late-eighteenth-century European antecedents) to create a distinctively American national music, often incorporating traditional melodies. Continue Reading »
Red Foley
Country singer. Continue Reading »
Folk Songs
The term folk song is used in two ways by folklorists: first, it is a generic phrase applied to all traditional songs; second, it is a term used to distinguish between narrative and nonnarrative songs in the repertoires of folksingers. Continue Reading »
Grandpa Jones
Country banjo player and singer. Continue Reading »
J. E. and Wade Mainer
Early country musicians. Continue Reading »
Merle Travis
Country guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Wallin Family
Traditional singers. Continue Reading »
Fields and Wade Ward
Early country singers. Continue Reading »