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A ballad is a narrative song in which each stanza of text is sung to the same melody. Brought to the American colonies by the earliest British settlers, the ballad form has remained in oral tradition through the present day, particularly in rural parts of the southeastern United States. Continue Reading »
Music Festivals
A festival is a means by which culture can be celebrated, preserved, and represented in a public forum before an audience. Continue Reading »
Folk Music Collections
At the dawn of the twentieth century, as industrialization was transforming rural Appalachian culture, collectors attempted to preserve regional folk music by transcribing songs in musical notation. Continue Reading »
Sarah Ogan Gunning
Traditional singer and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Aunt Molly Jackson
Traditional protest singer and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Lily May Ledford
Traditional and early country banjo and fiddle player and singer. Continue Reading »
John Jacob Niles
Singer, folk music collector, and composer. Continue Reading »
Jean Ritchie
Traditional singer, fretted dulcimer player, and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Sexton Family
Traditional musicians. Continue Reading »