Acuff, Roy
Country singer, fiddler, bandleader, and music publisher. Continue Reading »
Adams, Sheila Kay
Sheila Kay Adams is a ballad singer from Madison County, North Carolina. Continue Reading »
African American Influences
African American musical tradition has all influenced all American music, including that of Appalachia. Continue Reading »
Country music group. Continue Reading »
Alternative Country/Americana Music Movements
Americana is an umbrella term used to categorize a variety of hybrid musical styles incorporating elements of genres considered native to America, including American folk, country, rock, blues, and jazz. Continue Reading »
Ashley, Clarence “Tom”
Banjo player and early country singer. Continue Reading »
Atkins, Chet
Guitarist and record producer. Continue Reading »
Many American singers in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries found the autoharp, a modification of the zither, to be an easy-to-use accompaniment instrument. Continue Reading »
Baker, Etta
Blues guitarist. Continue Reading »
Baker, Kenny
Bluegrass fiddler. Continue Reading »
A ballad is a narrative song in which each stanza of text is sung to the same melody. Brought to the American colonies by the earliest British settlers, the ballad form has remained in oral tradition through the present day, particularly in rural parts of the southeastern United States. Continue Reading »
A four- or five-string instrument with a head of hide or plastic stretched over a gourd sound box or a circular wooden rim, the banjo evolved in America from a related family of variously named instruments—banjar, bandora, banza— brought from Africa by slaves. Continue Reading »
Bare, Bobby
Country singer and songwriter. Continue Reading »
The string bass (also called the upright bass, double bass, or stand-up bass) and its recent relative, the electric bass guitar, provide the rhythmic and harmonic foundation for much Appalachian music. Continue Reading »
Battle, Kathleen
Classical singer. Continue Reading »
Blake, Norman
Multi-instrumentalist, old-time singer, and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Blue Highway
Blue Highway is a bluegrass band from Kingsport, Tennessee. The band was founded in the mid-1990s. Continue Reading »
Blue Sky Boys
Early country singing duo. Continue Reading »
Born of the traditions and experiences of the people of Appalachia and neighboring regions, bluegrass is an ensemble music placing equal emphasis on heartfelt vocals and instrumental virtuosity. Continue Reading »
Blues is a musical genre that developed among African Americans in the lowland South during the late nineteenth century. Continue Reading »