Hicks Family
Traditional musicians. Continue Reading »
Hines, Earl “Fatha”
Jazz pianist and bandleader. Continue Reading »
Holcomb, Roscoe
Traditional singer, banjo player, and guitarist. Continue Reading »
Holt, David
Folk music performer and promoter. Continue Reading »
Homer and Jethro
Country music comedy duo. Continue Reading »
Hopkins, Doc
Early country singer, banjo player, and guitarist. Continue Reading »
Hutchison, Frank
Early country singer and guitarist. Continue Reading »
Instrument Makers and Instrument Making
Appalachia has long been recognized for its diverse musical traditions, and over the past three centuries much of the region’s music has been performed on handmade musical instruments. Continue Reading »
Jackson, Aunt Molly
Traditional protest singer and songwriter. Continue Reading »
James, Sonny
Country singer. Continue Reading »
Jarrell, Tommy
Traditional fiddler, banjo player, and singer. Continue Reading »
Jazz is not often associated with Appalachia in the public mind, but the region boasts more than one city significant in the development of the genre. Continue Reading »
Jim and Jesse
Jim and Jesse McReynolds have received acclaim since the 1950s for their style of bluegrass. Rather than being gener- ally mournful, bluesy, and lonesome like the music of Bill Monroe and the Stanley Brothers, the McReynolds’ music is often joyful and positive. Continue Reading »
Jones, Grandpa
Country banjo player and singer. Continue Reading »
Judds, The
Country mother-daughter duo. Continue Reading »
Kazee, Buell
Traditional singer and banjo player. Continue Reading »
Kessinger, Clark
Traditional fiddler. Continue Reading »
Kimbrough, Junior
Blues singer, guitarist, and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Kincaid, Bradley
Early country singer. Continue Reading »
Lawson, Doyle, and Quicksilver
Bluegrass and gospel singer, mandolinist, and bandleader. Continue Reading »