Ledford, Lily May
Traditional and early country banjo and fiddle player and singer. Continue Reading »
Lilly Brothers and Don Stover
Bluegrass musicians. Continue Reading »
Louvin Brothers
Country and gospel brother duo. Continue Reading »
Loveless, Patty
Country singer. Continue Reading »
Lulu Belle and Scotty
Early country husband-wife duo. Continue Reading »
Lunsford, Bascom Lamar
Revivalist singer, banjo player, fiddler, folk music collector, and promoter. Continue Reading »
Lynn, Loretta
Country singer and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Macon, Uncle Dave
Early country banjo player and singer. Continue Reading »
Mainer, J. E. and Wade
Early country musicians. Continue Reading »
A fretted, eight-string instrument of European origin, the mandolin became available in Appalachia in the late nineteenth century through mail-order catalogs and thereafter was a mainstay of both traditional and popular musical styles within the region. Continue Reading »
Marshall Tucker Band
Southern rock group. Continue Reading »
Martin, Jimmy
Bluegrass singer, guitarist, and bandleader. Continue Reading »
Mattea, Kathy
Country singer. Continue Reading »
McCutcheon, John
Folksinger and multi-instrumentalist. Continue Reading »
McGhee, Brownie
Country blues singer and guitarist. Continue Reading »
McMillon, Bobby
Ballad singer and folk music collector. Continue Reading »
Meyer, Edgar
Bassist and composer. Continue Reading »
Minstrel Music/Blackface Minstrelsy
Flourishing during the mid-nineteenth century, the minstrel show initially consisted of white male musicians performing broad caricatures of African Americans through wearing blackface (using burnt cork or a black substance known as mantan as makeup to give the performer the appearance of being an African American minstrel). Continue Reading »
Monroe, Bill
Bluegrass mandolinist, singer, and composer. Continue Reading »
Muscle Shoals
The small city of Muscle Shoals sits near the bank of the Tennessee River in northwestern Alabama, adjacent to three other cities: Florence, Sheffield, and Tuscumbia. Continue Reading »