Music Organizations
Music has arguably been Appalachia’s foremost cultural export, as the region’s musical heritage has been celebrated by dedicated music organizations located throughout the United States and in many other countries. Continue Reading »
Niles, John Jacob
Singer, folk music collector, and composer. Continue Reading »
O’Brien, Tim
Bluegrass, country, and traditional singer, songwriter, mandolinist, fiddler, and guitarist. Continue Reading »
O’Day, Molly
Country singer and banjo player. Continue Reading »
Old-Time Music
The term old-time music is a designation used by Appalachian musicians, singers, and enthusiasts in reference to the variety of traditional musical genres found in sections of Appalachia where regionally specific repertoires continue to be performed. Continue Reading »
In Appalachia, opera is mostly limited to larger urban areas. Since cities do not usually figure in the popular conception of Appalachia as a largely rural region, opera has generally been excluded from assessments of the region’s musical culture. Continue Reading »
Osborne Brothers
Bluegrass brother duo. Continue Reading »
Other Instruments
While a number of musical instruments (including the fiddle, banjo, guitar, fretted dulcimer, mandolin, autoharp, bass, dobro, pedal steel guitar, and harmonica) are commonly associated with Appalachia, several other instruments—such as the mouth bow, psaltery, Jew’s harp, and musical bones or spoons—have historically been important within the region. Continue Reading »
Paisley, Brad
Country singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Continue Reading »
Parton, Dolly
Country singer and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Phillips, Sam
Record producer and music promoter. Continue Reading »
Phipps, Ernest, and Alfred G. Karnes
Gospel singers. Continue Reading »
The polka, a couples’ dance in 2/4 time, was in vogue in much of Europe during the second half of the nineteenth century. Continue Reading »
Poole, Charlie
Early country singer, banjo player, and bandleader. Continue Reading »
Presley, Elvis
Singer. Continue Reading »
Proffitt, Frank, Sr.
Traditional singer and banjo player. Continue Reading »
Recording Companies
In the early days of the record industry, commercial recording companies sent engineers into Appalachia to locate and record string bands and so-called hillbilly singers in the field. Continue Reading »
Reed, Ola Belle
Early country singer, banjo player, and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Reno and Smiley
Bluegrass duo. Continue Reading »
Rhythm and Blues
A dance-oriented African American music, rhythm and blues emerged in the mid-1940s as a major genre within American popular music. Continue Reading »