Osborne Brothers
Bluegrass brother duo. Continue Reading »
Osborne, Bobby
SEE Osborne Brothers»
Osborne, Sonny
SEE Osborne Brothers»
Other Instruments
While a number of musical instruments (including the fiddle, banjo, guitar, fretted dulcimer, mandolin, autoharp, bass, dobro, pedal steel guitar, and harmonica) are commonly associated with Appalachia, several other instruments—such as the mouth bow, psaltery, Jew’s harp, and musical bones or spoons—have historically been important within the region. Continue Reading »
Paisley, Brad
Country singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Continue Reading »
Parton, Dolly
Country singer and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Phillips, Sam
Record producer and music promoter. Continue Reading »
Phipps, Ernest
SEE Phipps, Ernest, and Alfred G. Karnes»
Phipps, Ernest, and Alfred G. Karnes
Gospel singers. Continue Reading »
The polka, a couples’ dance in 2/4 time, was in vogue in much of Europe during the second half of the nineteenth century. Continue Reading »
Poole, Charlie
Early country singer, banjo player, and bandleader. Continue Reading »
Presley, Elvis
Singer. Continue Reading »
Proffitt, Frank, Sr.
Traditional singer and banjo player. Continue Reading »
Puckett, Riley
SEE Skillet Lickers»
SEE Lawson, Doyle, and Quicksilver»
Recording Companies
In the early days of the record industry, commercial recording companies sent engineers into Appalachia to locate and record string bands and so-called hillbilly singers in the field. Continue Reading »
Reed, Ola Belle
Early country singer, banjo player, and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Reno and Smiley
Bluegrass duo. Continue Reading »
Rhythm and Blues
A dance-oriented African American music, rhythm and blues emerged in the mid-1940s as a major genre within American popular music. Continue Reading »
Riddle, Leslie
Folk and blues musician. Continue Reading »
Ritchie, Jean
Traditional singer, fretted dulcimer player, and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Rock Music
Rock music, an international cultural phenomenon involving numerous subgenres of music, can trace some of its roots to the geographic and cultural environs of Appalachia’s southern margins, where black and white musical traditions flourished. Continue Reading »
Rodgers, Jimmie
Early country singer, guitarist, and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Scott, Darrell
Contemporary country/folk singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Continue Reading »
Scruggs, Earl
SEE Flatt and Scruggs»
Seeger, Mike
Revivalist singer, multi-instrumentalist, folk music collector, and educator. Continue Reading »
Sexton Family
Traditional musicians. Continue Reading »
Sexton, Lee
SEE Sexton Family»
Sexton, Morgan
SEE Sexton Family»
Sexton, Phillip
SEE Sexton Family»
Shape-Note Singing/Singing Schools
Shape notes were invented to improve the quality of church singing. The system’s originators, by making patently clear the intervals between notes without requiring singers to learn all the key signatures, intended their innovation to teach people how to sight-read sacred music without instrumental accompaniment. Continue Reading »
Skaggs, Ricky
Country and bluegrass singer, mandolinist, and fiddler. Continue Reading »
Skillet Lickers
The Skillet Lickers were an popular country string band from north Georgia featuring Gid Tanner, Riley Puckett and Clayton McMichen. Continue Reading »
Smith, Bessie
Blues and jazz singer. Continue Reading »
Smith, Hobart
Traditional singer, banjo player, fiddler, guitarist, and pianist. Continue Reading »
Stanley Brothers
Bluegrass singer, guitarist, and songwriter. Continue Reading »
Stanley, Ralph
Bluegrass singer, banjo player, and bandleader. Continue Reading »
Statler Brothers
Country music group. Continue Reading »
Steel Guitar
Steel-guitar playing includes all guitar performance styles where a steel bar is used to intonate a note in place of fret- ting with fingers. Continue Reading »
Steele, Pete
Traditional banjo player. Continue Reading »
Stoneman, Ernest V./Stoneman Family
Early country singer, guitarist, autoharpist, and bandleader. Continue Reading »
Stover, Don
SEE Lilly Brothers and Don Stover»
String-Band Music
From the mid-nineteenth century to the present, musicians in Appalachia have played music together utilizing various combinations of stringed instruments. Continue Reading »
Early country banjo player and comedian. Continue Reading »
Stringfield, Lamar
Classical composer, flautist, and symphony conductor. Continue Reading »
Sun Ra
Jazz keyboardist, bandleader, and composer. Continue Reading »
Symphony Orchestras
Symphony orchestras maintain a vital cultural presence in the Appalachian region. Continue Reading »
Tanner, Gid
SEE Skillet Lickers»
Travis, Merle
Country guitarist, singer, and songwriter. Continue Reading »
The first musical venues in Appalachia were the gathering places most often associated with close-knit, isolated rural communities: churches, Saturday night square dances in homes and barns, and county fairs. Continue Reading »